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August 2016


Dearest eNews readers,

All great masters, Master Morya included, impart the message of how important it is to live in the now. The past is past and one never knows for sure what the future holds. And that ‘now’, this is precisely what I find to be the hardest. Take the past for example, the past pulls me backwards to a discoloured, fading memory, good or bad, and then determines the emotions of the present, a kind of halfhearted present, exactly the place where I’m just trying to set foot ashore. Because, like so many people, I’m a ‘doer’ who genuinely wants to go forward, I want to ‘do’ something with my past every time I feel myself slipping away from the present. Prescription: try to recall a memory of a miracle that once happened in your life. Think about it for a moment and then try to recall another small miracle, a happy coincidence, or in other words: an incident that had a miraculous outcome. Make your own miracle-book, on paper or in your head, by finding the beauty in the little things that brought light into your life. Encounters, solace, a rainbow that appeared at a special moment... Memory sometimes takes leaps; long ago: a child falling down the stairs and landing into a box filled with newspapers and soft rags that you had left there only a moment before. An abandoned cat in a empty dead-end street that will become your companion during the the next ten years of your life. Or just yesterday: I lost my way walking in the woods with a few children when a man turned up waving a branch, and with just two words he pointed us to the way out. Or every time you peek a glance at the digital clock and notice it happens to be a number like 22, 33 or your own lucky number, then you know: I’m nicely wired in to all the networks of life.

The present isn’t orphaned somewhere between the past and the future; the present holds the force of inner life and is given all the room, in beauty and grace,  in those smaller and greater coincidences. eRegards from Lydia

Meditation for the full moon of 18th August 2016

Master Morya,

Inwardly, always more joy will come into your life once you are able to surrender to the divine force that is present within you, and never ever should you doubt this.

Every now and then say to yourself: 'I can handle anything.' And even when things are difficult, realize: 'I know how to ask, to ask for help, to ask for wisdom, to ask for light.' And you will become ever more conscious of that path which for you is important. You will know: this is not something I learned from this or that person, this is my path.  It is certainly not a path of loneliness, but one of unity. It is a path of trust and a path of patience, but also a path of profound beauty and of potentialities which will increasingly manifest, also in your very own life. You should never be afraid that at some time there could be things which you might not understand. You should not think: 'yes, that may be something for others but not for me', no. Your life is important and it will be that good things, and very good things, come upon your way. Don't be anxious or unhappy. 

Later, when you reread these texts, be sure to take your time. Just let a bit of it sink in and then ask yourself: 'what can I do with this today, not tomorrow but today?  What can I do now with what I've just read, what I've allowed myself to read? And can I really manage to do something good now, in order to understand that it is in life itself that I can taste of God, that I can be myself, that I can be in that profound joy?' It is life itself that will teach it to you. But inwardly you must sometimes make this choice, have the feeling: 'I can do this; I want this.' And then you simply allow whatever happens to happen.  

Every now and then it is good to be silent and try to control your thoughts, not to be swept along with the waves of your mind but to know that you can find peace in that ocean of love, of God, so that you can be yourself in such a way that you realize: 'my life is fuller, I am becoming deeper, happier.' Know that you are all good people. I say this and will keep saying it until you understand it for yourself. Within yourself you know that you may go your own way. You don't have to be like your neighbour, like your child, like your father or your mother. You are allowed to be yourself. It is important to be yourself and to recognize yourself in things.  You can do it, and that is My final word... you can cope with everything. Master Morya

© Geert Crevits,

This fragment is the very end of the 38th Morya Course, which took place in Bruges, September 2009.

Mayil eNieuws

Did you see the video yet?

Marie’s lecture which she gave in Poland on Friday, 24th June, was filmed in its entirety.  Marie speaks in Dutch and Aleksandra does the translation into Polish. We added English subtitles.

It’s an insightful discourse and treats a variety of inspiring topics.  Definitely worth watching! (And do not hesitate to share it with others too)


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You can find the video on > English > Photo/video

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