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Summer 2015


Dearest eNews reader,

First there is an egg, then a caterpillar. That caterpillar is there for a long time. Always that ‘more and more and more’ caterpillar. The heady infatuation of being a caterpillar. But once the road nears its end, the weariness of the journey no longer matters. Now begins a period of an intense labored silence; the caterpillar is turning into a pupa and yet still has this feeling that it’s making progress. Not something the caterpillar’s mind can grasp, but the goal is in sight. The cocoon is being spun, but never unspun... till it breaks open.  This is the secret!  The butterfly is born under the rays of the sun and its story continues, to egg and caterpillar in an endless spiral. In the heart of a flower or of vast endless star systems, God writes straight with crooked lines, and there is no end to the story. eRegards from Lydia

Meditation for the full moon of 31st July 2015

Master Morya,

There is an infinity in life and you should dare to install this infinity in your heart. There is an infinity in everything that you do and you should dare to live with this infinity. But who dares to do this? Who dares to take the step towards that greatest of simplicity, towards the true life, towards the knowingness and the understanding of those things which are infinite.  This learning has been bestowed on you and it takes time, I know, but you realize that this is an important opportunity, and one that lies there in your own heart. If you know the place where to make this discovery then you can indeed embark on this path.

Do not allow yourself to become disappointed by thinking there are certain things you must do, for this ‘I must’ will often lead you to the wrong place. ‘Don’t be disappointed’, because the nature of the mind is often so that it will try to understand things even before you have experienced them, and this is impossible. Many mistakes are made in this way, because people think either ‘this is unrealistic; it’s impossible’ or else they think, ‘this is the way it is’, while it isn’t. And somewhere in between these two you need to find the road to participation, to experiencing, and this with faith in the fact that the reality is truly present in your heart. If you can begin by acting in this way for yourself then you will be able to discover that this is indeed a real theatre and that, by playing your part in it, you are forming the vehicle with which to have great experiences in your life.

Do not be afraid to change. Do not be afraid to search. Don’t be afraid of going your own way, because these are major pillars in the discovery of life itself. Master Morya

© Geert Crevits,

Extract from ‘Morya Kracht 4’: “The step towards infinity”, chapter 7
(this book is as yet unpublished)


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