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November 2015


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This month’s full moon text has been lying around for quite a while, waiting for the newsletter. It’s an excerpt about ‘the will’ taken from Morya Wisdom 2.  This text makes for one of those delightful moments when Master Morya elucidates a certain aspect of life in such a way that you can learn tremendously much in the space of just a few pages.

Life continuously throws questions in our lap: “What do you want? Why do you want it? Can you keep your will in your own hands or do you use it to want things from others? And can you adapt your will to the flow of Life?” Master Morya says: “The greater depth in life is something which should be born and born again. It is not something you acquire once and then never lose again.” (Morya Wisdom 2, quite early in chapter 1)  Every day brings a test of purity, a test of impersonal Love, a test of detachment and trust, a test of perseverance, a test of the power of discernment, a call for courage… But every day also presents us with the chance to start over and to learn to do things in the right way: as a tribute to true Life. eRegards from Marie

Meditation for the full moon of 25th November 2015

Master Morya,

The big question people often ask is, “How should I live and what can I do to take control of my life?” because it’s easy to say, “Be yourself, become yourself,” but how does one do it?

The first question one should ask is, “Can I develop my life in the way I want?” A very great power is involved in this. Actually, the will is what makes you progress. If you don’t want to go forward, then you don’t make progress because the will is something that stands on its own.

The will is a self-powered motor and something that, if not used, will still makes itself felt, but in the wrong way. Because, then, instead of wanting something for yourself, you will want something for and from someone else. If you do this – want something for and from the other – then something leaves you. An energy leaves you and goes out to the other and you hope the other will do something with it – in your life. Therefore, you desire something from the other and you do this with your will. This is wrong. This makes an energy go away from you, an energy you need in order to live yourself.

Maybe you will notice this in your life, “My will is going somewhere else, I want something from the other without asking him or her, but by willing it.” This can work in very subtle ways, there are a thousand ways you can force your will upon another: by speaking hurtfully, by speaking nicely, by leading someone on and then obliging him to do what you want him to do.

There are so many ways in life to deal with one’s will that you must be very alert to these games it plays and this is what makes life so complicated. For there are so many people and so many motors turned on and kept running, and often in the wrong way. A child already does this. A child will look at you, wanting something, and makes something happen in you with his will to which you will react. This is why sometimes you find yourself doing things you don’t want to do but that another wills of you. Often people who live close to you will want something from you and you feel this very distinctly, and then you say, “Oh, well okay, if that’s what they want, then I’ll do it.”

However, it won’t always be so clear. When you do things you yourself don’t want to do, just because others want you to do them, this can confuse you because then you no longer know what it is you yourself want. This makes life very complicated and is often the reason people lose their way and end up saying, “My life is so empty, why am I actually living? I can’t cope anymore and I don’t know how to go on.” There can be other confusions in life but this is a main one, namely, that the will functions outside of the person and not in his or her own life.

The will is a divine energy and when it is kept within the person it can change their life totally, it can let it develop and flourish and anything you want. What has to be brought to expression will come to being through the will. The will is what is always stimulating you, saying, “Do this, do that.” The will is what drives you; it is the cause of transformation in the human being.

When a person has lost his will he has practically lost the ability to change. He will do things through the will of another but it doesn’t affect him. (…) The result is a sad existence, one that is gradually being undermined, and he doesn’t know how to go on.

Placing the will in yourself has the opposite effect. It awakens a fantastic energy in you, a powerful energy that takes you on ahead and allows you to grow and blossom. Master Morya

© Geert Crevits,
Fragment from Morya Wisdom 2: Simplicity, chapter 6


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