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March 2015


Dearest eNews reader,

About two weeks ago, on my father's birthday and during an evening workshop in our home, we did a wonderful meditation inspired by the wisdom in Master Morya's books, which I would like to share with you. Brilliant in its simplicity (as always with MM), it has the ability to completely change your perspective on life....  Good luck!

"Take some time to be alone, undisturbed.  Close your eyes and settle down within yourself.

Think about the things you find difficult in life; run through them in your mind for a moment, looking at them with a calmness in your heart. 

Think about the difficulties you experienced before the ones you are having now and come to the realization that there will always be difficulties in life, also when you will have solved your present problems.

Now shift the focus of your attention from your problems to the background: why have these difficulties come on your path?  In some way they want to make you more spacious, more flexible, more open.  Can you see for what they are trying to make you more open?  Try to realize that the growth of your consciousness is the essence of life, and not just the solving of one problem after another.

Ask for inner help to gain more insight.  Ask for light in your heart and in your life."

eRegards from Marie

Meditation for the full moon of March 5th, 2015

Master Morya,

As you approach ever closer to your soul, to the Divine within yourself, the first thing that happens is that you will find yourself in a certain group, a group that you feel really fits with you.  Then you may feel, "It's so easy to talk to this person and to be open, and with this other person it's so much harder or even almost impossible." Don't be disappointed by this; dare to accept it. (...)

Whoever you are, there will always be people who belong to the same group as you. Whether they come from America or Australia, or from whichever country or continent, there are always people who fit together and this has nothing to do with boundaries, with countries, with culture or with any such thing, it has to do with soul groups.

So, there are people scattered all over the world who belong to your group and with whom you can feel really good. You come across a book, you read it and say, "This is great, I also think like this."  This means you have a contact with the writer of that book on the same level, because you belong to the same group.  Like this there are people who find one another in very coincidental ways, and they have the impression, "Hey, this is something that really agrees with me."  Deal with these things as if they were very precious; dare to believe in these contacts. Such contacts are what can take you further on your way and give you the courage to go on.

This is a time for forming groups, which means that it is a time when people will meet one another.  And the possiblities to do so will expand - computers, phones, papers, name it.  There are so many possibilities to have contacts across boundaries. 

Therefore, people should be alert, they should become open and realize that contacts are possible and that distance and time need not play a role. When you come to your soul you step out of time. This means that you suddenly make deep connections that reach across lifetimes and you can experience this as being something very essential.  Dare to open yourself to this and know that it is something very important in life.  Master Morya

© Geert Crevits,
Fragments from the Dutch book ‘Morya Kracht 3: Mens en maatschappij’, p. 167-169, a book published in 2014 but formulated in 1995.


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