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July 2015


Dearest reader of Mayil eNews,

The reflective text for this beautiful month is about asking for help, receiving help and accepting help. These three actions can sometimes cause a great deal of resistance to surface, due to a variety of old patterns and vague feelings from the past. Yet, provided you go about it in the right way, not everything involving help needs to be difficult.

For help you can best turn to ‘your inner master', which is to say, the highest divine fragment of Light that is connected to you, which is contained within you, and around which your light body develops. This divine light that belongs to you, which shines within you and, consequently, which you need not search for outside of yourself, will introduce the right things from the outside onto your path. And you can see these coming to you from both near and far, even from outer space.

By searching outside of yourself for light you might occasionally be misled or blinded, but never when you go within, trusting in yourself and in your highest light.

Don’t look up to or look down on anyone. Love the world and love the light; love heaven as well as the Earth, and then beauty can come into existence.
Sunny e-regards from Lydia and Marie

Meditation for the full moon of 2nd July 2015

Master Morya,

If you can be still within yourself, if you can feel the joy in your heart because of having taken steps in life that are honest, then you will be guided. Because you will see, the joy will guide you. You will have hold of the compass and know: ‘when I do this I am happy; when I do that it doesn’t make me happy’. You should be able to observe this for a while until you can see the purity with which you are working, how honestly you are working and what it is that brings you joy. If you can discover this in your life, you will know the boundary of your achievement and you will know what it means to exceed this boundary in order to find a still greater joy. So make sure that each time you take a decision in life it is a reason to be happy. Try to reach to the deepness of your life, for then you can always find joy, and always more joy. This is what will guide you, and at a certain moment you will see from where this joy is coming. Because when you go to your heart, when you go within, you come in contact with beings who care about you.

You are not alone. Be aware that when you are living your life with joy you are being guided by your inner self, but that there are additional factors that can strengthen this inner self of yours. There are beings there to guide you. Searching for the best in life you may well feel all on your own, and yet you are being guided. At such a moment you feel stronger and afterwards you wonder: ‘how did I ever manage to do this and that in my life?’ Later you will realize: ‘I was being helped because I was strong and I could never have imagined I would be able to do this or that.’ Therefore, when you are facing problems in life know that if you are sincere you will be helped. When you have difficulties, know that there are solutions and that you can also ask help to find these solutions. If you pray you will receive answers. When you are well centred in yourself you will know you are being guided. If you long to be consoled then be aware that there is something like a joy that will bring you solace.

There are always moments in life that are very important and each time you overcome a difficulty in life is one of those important moments, because it is something that will stay with you. It is something that makes you stronger and develops you, making that you may now carry a clearer and greater light within you than if you had just glided through this life smoothly and without any hindrances.

The greatest people have accepted and gone through the greatest difficulties. There are even people who are here on Earth not to bear their own troubles but to take on those of others. Can you imagine how great their light and their joy must be when they do this?Master Morya

© Geert Crevits,
From Morya Wisdom book 9, end of chapter 8


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