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February 2015


Dearest eNews reader,

Our Master Morya Material, or MMM, as we like to call it, consists of several boxes filled with literally kilos of sheets of telepathy, either hand-written or typed on a typewriter or, later, using a word processor.  This was until we had our first Mac computer, which was recommended to us 'because the mouse only has one button, so you can't get it wrong, and the rest is child's play'.....

In all these piles there are also quite a few personal messages, or parts of them, that people received during the public programmes.  We kept these because we found their subject matter interesting... after all, they come form an extraordinary source, namely from a Master of Wisdom or, as is also sometimes said, a Master from the Far East.  And so when you are searching for answers about the vicissitudes of life, each of these words are close to sacred.  

Below you can find a short passage about 'calming down and re-orientating yourself in life',  taken from a message given on January 21st, 1996.  MM knows the art of how to warm someone up to the idea that a small effort can have considerable consequences.  Be inspired and let your quiet attention bring about a decisive change in your life.  (With thanks to the anonymous person who received a lengthy message about meditation and the patient work that is to be done, step by step.) eRegards from Lydia

Meditation for the full moon of 4th February, 2015.

Master Morya,

(...) This is why meditation is important; at certain moments of the day to know: 'I begin and end my day with a very short meditation' - this doesn't mean that it has to be a long meditation, only a short one or even very short at times.  Don't think that because a meditation is short it has no meaning, for if you were to meditate only for one minute, you are centering yourself and you will meet different people and see different things.  This may seem odd, but that is how it works.  If you are well-centered and meditate in a calm way - it really doesn't need to be long but it must be very calm - then you will be different person when you come out of your meditation and so you will do different things and meet different people.  It is very important that you bring certain things to the fore in your life and that you know: 'this is the way I should go forward'.  Each time you do this you will also feel a kind of shyness: 'Can I really do that; is this something I really want?'  

Whenever you meditate - also in the evenings - you are placing the light of the day in your heart and this is very important.  Evenings are a good time to be busy with light, this is important, and in the mornings it's important to re-orientate yourself in life. When you are busy with light in the evening you are bringing a calmness to your heart and this is, as it were, a preparation for the next day.  By doing this you will notice that you are establishing a rhythm in your day. (...)  Master Morya  

© Geert Crevits,
(from a personal message in 1996)


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