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December 2015 & New Year 2016


Dearest eNews readers,

If your wish is that the New Year will be better than this past year, then ask for light. Place your heart in the light; place your life in the light. Place your dreams in the light; place your family in the light, your neighbours, your friends, those near and far away, and keep on asking for light for yourself and for others. Make it one of your New Year resolutions to ask for light at the beginning of each day. And on the first of January too, of course, because that will then be a solemn and beautiful beginning.

What is it that the light does for you? It creates a series opportunities that enable you to do something or that allow things to happen or to change in accordance with what you soul wishes here on Earth. And even if you don’t exactly know what is best for you, be happy and live as if you have already received it. 

Lydia    Marie   Laura

Meditation for the full moon on Christmas, 25th December 2015

Master Morya,

Whenever you give your attention to the people around you, those very close to you, your own family, the people at work,... know that there is nothing you need to do. You don’t need to change them, you don’t need to think: ‘I should be keeping busy with them, continually, from morning till evening’; that is not how it is. Sometimes you have to be able to let them go – even those close to you – just to simply be in your own life. This is very important. If you want to deepen yourself, to go to the depth, if you want to find your own joy, then it is important that you are able to be honest with yourself, but this takes time. And sometimes you should be able to steal some of that time for yourself. 

Deal with your life as you would with a cherished treasure, with something that belongs to you, therefore something that is yours by right and with which you can live; your own life which you can use. It is in that search, in that honest pursuit with yourself, that you can take a number of steps which are vitally important, both for yourself and perhaps for others too, but mainly for yourself. It is important to dare to deal with yourself, to dare to live with yourself, to dare to look at your own life, to dare to work on your life, on the goodness in your life.  There is a joy within you and usually this joy is not seen. There is a caring attention for you within yourself and mostly you are not able to reach it.

 There is a voice within you waking you, calling to you, showing you what needs to be done and mostly you have no contact with it and, if you already do, then you will begin doubting yourself: ‘is this really what I should do?’ Because, obviously, there will be a number of possibilities in your life and there may be many frustrations, impossibilities, uncertainties, doubts, confusions - whatever it might be - and you have to, as it were, find your way through these things. And you will pass through them by learning to see some things in your life in a calm manner. It is not that others need to clarify your life for you but that you, yourself, actually learn to quietly look at your own life and learn to love your life. Master Morya

© Geert Crevits,
Fragment from Morya Kracht 5, one of the two new books expected to be released in Dutch in the beginning of 2016

Mayil eNieuws

International news

This spring – 2016 – Marie is giving two courses of ‘Telepathy and Intuition’ in French. This is a first!

* Course in Paris, two weekends: 19-20 March and 16-17 April 2016.

* Course in the region of Bordeaux-Toulouse (South-west of France, close to Lourdes) from 13th till 17th May 2016

You can find more information about the courses here
(webpage in French)

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