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September 2014


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My father knew the deep, secret force of prayer. He had established a warm, lively and constant tie with the Divine, and it was particularly his enormous faith I think which made his simple prayer so special. He prayed often and for all the people he came in contact with in his life, but always without fuss and usually when he was alone and without mentioning anything to anyone. For a very long time I didn’t know anything about it. Now and then he would get some feedback from people who unknowingly told him about the result of his inner prayers through their wondrous stories. It is through the answers to our prayers that God shows us His work with the people and lets us share in His joy.

Once I was able to witness a special moment. My father and I were on a trip in India. We were visiting a friend, a woman who has been doing wonderful volunteer work for many years on a plot of land belonging to the Ashram of Swami Premananda, growing and taking care of the plants. The weather was hot and it hadn’t rained in a long time, too long. Half jokingly she asked Geert if he couldn’t do something about it. Dad took this really seriously and after our visit, as we were walking to catch the bus, he prayed for rain. "Swami," he said in his heart, "this is your land, they’re your plants and it is your volunteer who has been working so hard all these years. Can’t you make it rain?" Soon Swami’s reply filled his heart, "Wait a few more days." Dad told me what happened and asked me to send a text message to our friend, but said he didn’t want to say that it would rain, instead I had to write, "we hope it will rain in a few days’ time." I thought this was a bit silly but he insisted and so, while we were getting on the bus, I obediently sent the text message he wanted. And sure enough, though it was the middle of the dry season, a few days later a heavy rain fell unexpectedly. A few hours into the downpour, I received a text message back, saying: "Stop stop, that’s enough rain for now!" A short while later the rain stopped. E-regards from Marie

Meditation for the full moon of 9th September, 2014.

Master Morya,

Don’t be always doubting, trust in the Divine providence and then you will increasingly be guided. You will be able to recognize the help you receive even in the smallest details of your life and become aware of something like an exchange of energy. You will be supported through the most difficult times and will be able to find solutions where one would normally imagine no such solutions were possible.

Know that everything you ask for is taken into consideration and you are being lead to that which is best for you. First you must have this insight and then, once you trust in the Divine, your life becomes worthwhile. Of course each and every life is of itself worthwhile but a life lived with the Divine, working together with the Masters and the Divine Beings on this Earth, is exceptional.

The coming age is an exceptional time because of the great amount of divinity descending upon the Earth. This is the time to dare and want to live with this divinity. It’s up to you to awaken your awareness and to try this in your own life. Don’t expect it from others, do it for yourself.

Once you have the actual experience of living with the Divine, this experience will make clear to you exactly what is going on in your life. Don’t be surprised about everything that then happens, because it will be magnificent and quite an experience to be able to live it.

It depends for a great deal on you, on your own faith and the manner in which you go about with the Divine. Herein prayer is very important. You must transcend your doubts and have faith. It isn’t easy, but it’s the road you travel when you deal with your thoughts. Master Morya

© Geert Crevits,

Fragment from Morya Wisdom 4, Trust in yourself (p. 33-35),
very soon to be released in English!

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Morya Wisdom 3God lives in your heart 
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"The Divine is tender. The Divine is infinite. It is one and all love. When you are busy with the Divine, then you can only experience good things. Prayer is very important, if that is what you want, but it’s not an absolute necessity. Because the whole of life is one prayer, it is a searching for God." Read more...

Morya Wisdom 4: Trust in yourself

Morya Wisdom 4Trust in yourself
Geert Crevits

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14 EUR - 45 PLN - 17 USD - 10.5 GBP
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To be released in October 2014
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"If you want to bring a change into your life, it will never be easy. What is then the purpose? The purpose is that you make progress, that you come close to yourself and do things that are important for you. You must be able to concentrate on yourself and look at yourself. You must live and dare to live from the depth of your own heart, of your own desires. 

If you think, “I know myself,” but do nothing coming from out of your own self, then you are mistaken. Then you don’t know who you are, and this is always the case: People too often think they know themselves. But when it comes down to it, they don’t really know who they are, don’t know where they stand and don’t know what they are doing." Read more...

Earlier books in this series are:

Morya Wisdom 1: A deeper sense of life
Morya Wisdom 2: Simplicity

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