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May and June 2014


Dearest eNews reader,

May and June are two months of renewal, also called ‘flowering month’ and ‘summer month’ in Dutch, and for good reason. Do try to take – just as we will – some time for yourself to give space to your inner knowing. It’s always there, waiting. When you give it some room it will be able to shine its light. When you turn your attention to beauty and inner calm, you can feel that light. Speaking of beauty, I am so happy with the new release of our five (Dutch) audio-cds, they are truly uplifting.

I wish all of you wonderful moments of new insights and contact with your own inner fire and power. eRegards from Lydia

Meditation for the full moon of 14th May and 13th June 2014

Master Morya,

The heart that becomes conscious of an expansion within itself allows a love to enter there that brings with it treasures from heaven. Know that your life gains content and meaning when you concentrate on your everyday life in a pure and authentic way.

Try to be yourself in everything you do; try to be brave when things get difficult and especially try to adopt a more sensible attitude towards the difficulties. Don't exert yourself unnecessarily, but know that there are a number of aspects in life that will work out when you are loving and keep being loving in spite of the circumstances and despite the difficulties.

Love lies concealed in the heart of God and when you are loving then you are in His heart. And it is from here that you can act in a pure and simple manner, so that God's force can enter into your life and, living from out of that force, you can then pick and gather the flowers of life, for yourself as well as for others. It is this exchange that enables you to give and take the most beautiful and best of yourself.

Inwardly, you will blossom every time you allow the sun of life into your own heart, the Divine that is present there, but that you need to be able to discover within yourself. However, for this there must be a goodwill towards others, in everything that happens and in all circumstances. Master Morya

© Geert Crevits,
(original full moon meditation of October 16th 1997, as written down by Geert)

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