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March 2014


Dearest eNews reader,

Sometimes people walk along the edge of the stream for an entire lifetime without even once ever daring to step into it. Until they are pushed in and can get a taste of life. Or else they walk against the current, and because it's difficult and hard and doesn't hold any propects, they clamber out and keep themselves busy on the waterside, occasionally casting a fearful glance at real life.

There are other people who find themselves in the water and swim as if that's all they've ever done, letting everything come towards them with the greatest innocence.

From all these kinds of ingredients you can make your own scenario - Little Red Riding Hood or Tom Thumb, who will write the nicest fairy tale with themselves as the leading character, defeating wolves and giants, dragons and evil wizards?

We can't change the stream because it will not allow us to. We cannot stop it with a dam, because then life stops. Neither can we paddle against the current forever - even though this direction is densely populated and we don't always notice it right away.

Don't allow others to write your own story. What do you want your fairy tale to look like?  Carried by the current, with the wind behind you? Rowing and singing  the season's song to the rhythm of your oars? Choose the fullest life and write the most beautiful book of fairy tales. Conquer your own place on the powerful stream of God's Imagination.  E-Good Luck from Lydia

Meditation for the full moon of 16th March, 2014.

Master Morya,

It may be that there are things you want for yourself and this is not wrong. You shouldn't immediately assume that this is some kind of egoism: 'Yeah, this is something I want just for me.'  I repeat: it's not wrong.  This is because your own life is very important. When you make your life fulfilling, when you are attentive to yourself, when you give attention to your deeper wishes, to sensitivities that can play a role in your life, you may come to a point where you will resist or defy others. Perhaps you had been going along with what others were doing or saying and so it's important that you try to be yourself, that you try to form a distinctive life for yourself:  'this is how I how I want to be, this is how I want to live.'

Because within each of you there is something profoundly deep, something authentic, something very beautiful, and so it's good to try to give yourself some space.  Don't try to rush things in your life but, first and foremost, be honest with yourself.  By doing that you will learn to know yourself better and more profoundly and then you will also learn to know the other, the others.  Because the more deeply you can go within, the more deeply  you will  start to experience those things that have to do with others, and from there you can gradually - gradually, not at once - reach very firm conclusions of 'this is how I want to live'.....and this is good. 

It's important to bring your life to expression, it's important to unfold your own individuality, to be yourself in a deeper way.  Once you learn to do this and get better and better at it,  you will actually be changing the world, improving the world.  You know this, it is a well-known saying: 'change yourself, change the world; know yourself, know the world'.  This is a very important principle because in a way it also allows you to recognize what is important to others.

Some people live in groups, in communities, with family, in a country or an area, and it is important that you are honest with yourself, because then you will have something to offer. When you are at peace within yourself you can take on much more in your life.   That is why it's good to  take some time to  reflect on your experience of the day, which you can ultimately see as a gift. During this one day, today, God can give you so much - through others, through  the power present within you, through the love you are allowing in your existence - because this is how you learn from life and go forward in a very beautiful, deep and good way.  

You are clever, sensible people who don't need others to tell you this, you can understand it for yourself.  You can go your own way, you can find your own way, it's not difficult.  The main thing is that you should be patient and honest with yourself.  Gradually, you will begin to feel that your path is being leveled, that mostly your life is, indeed, not so hard.  And when there are difficult times, then don't ever despair but trust that deep force that guides you. It's not a coincidence that you were born where you were born. It's not a coincidence that you are with the people who are around you. And it is good to truly love them in the same way as you have learned to truly love yourself.  Master Morya

© Geert Crevits,
This is the text of a general message given for a group of people 
in Ooike (BE) on the 12th of January, 2008

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