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January 2014


Dearest eNews reader,

With the holidays behind us, we've gone back to our normal routines in life and everything is just as it used to be... or is it?  Even in the repetition of things we have done a hundred times before, there is always the possibility of being original. We can choose how attentive we are, choose how much love we put into what we do, how friendly and patient we are with ourselves and others, how much faith we have that we are being guided and protected, how many opportunities we give ourselves and others not to be bound by how we were in the past. Every day can consciously be a new beginning and each time we choose to be free and infinite, we will feel an inner joy and Master Morya will be near to us.  That is - along with MM - our wish for all of you in 2014: may you take pleasure and find joy in little things. Best regards for the New Year from Marie, and 'best wishes’ also from Lydia and Laura

Meditation for the full moon of 16th January, 2014.

Master Morya,

There will always be recurring circumstances in your life - you're confronted with certain problems, they  go away and then later you again find yourself facing the same problems that have returned. Understand that rhythm has a special significance in your life. Just as for everyone, there will be certain things in your life that have a particular importance and if you fail to recognize these things then you will once again be confronted with them. This will keep happening until you eventually dare to take that step to open yourself and surrender to the Divine. If you find you cannot do this then don't imagine that everything will necessarily go wrong. You are being guided and also tested therein, because there can be no progress unless a person tries to find himself or herself in what life brings them.  Therefore, you should dare to express yourself and, when you are able to find yourself within the difficulties you are facing, then you are truly making progress. (...)

When you live in reality, when you look at life as it is, accepting the fact that: 'this is how it is, this is what I'm doing, this is what I should focus on', then you can discover a joy in this because it makes it clear where you stand. You should know that life consists of a series of steps, of ventures, of renewals in which you can always discover a new aspect of yourself.  So, for instance, when you are busy with something on a certain day or at a certain minute or when you're doing a certain work, if you can be totally absorbed in what you are doing - meaning that you are then not concerning yourself with anything else, but are concentrating on how you can go forward with that one thing, on how you can best solve a particular little problem or how you can properly carry out a certain small task - then you are able to see yourself in that, as it were, and in the seeing of yourself you are also becoming yourself.   Master Morya

© Geert Crevits,
(excerpt from Morya Energy, Book 3, as yet unpublished))

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