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February 2014


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One evening, 20 years ago, only three people had shown up for one of our open house public evenings in Bruges. The city was covered with a thick blanket of snow and only those who had been able to come on foot were in attendance. Geert welcomed them, talked about God and the Masters, answered some questions and gave each one a personal message from MM. After they had all left for home Geert, happy as a child, said, "That was nice". All the busy, seemingly endless programmes have not stuck in my mind but that clear snowy night, that's one I'm always happy to remember. eRegards from Lydia

Meditation for the full moon of 15th February, 2014.

Master Morya,

The attention people give to their own reality is important. Looking at your life should give you a sense of calmness and should especially give you the feeling that what you would like to achieve is attainable. This is why it is not always good to set yourself too many big goals in life. If you do have a big goal it should be a pure one and then you will be able to find your way.

When you have a smaller goal, when you have committed yourself to achieving a particular small thing, you will have the feeling that this goal is attainable and you'll have the courage to set certain matters in order. You should have a small goal for every day, but it should be a goal that has in it some of the greatness and beauty of the infinite, expressed in a concrete and realizable manner. Inner peace can play a role in this.

When your intention in life is to attain inner peace, you can do small things that offer beauty to others. Then you will surely learn to speak the correct words. Despite any difficulties you might have, you should be able to maintain an inner joy, and, this too, holds an infinite beauty. Because of the steps you have discovered and taken within yourself you will be able to do many things that benefit others. However, be reasonable and act with measure.

When you have decided to put small things in order, you will feel a deep peace with the things that are there. However, be sure to give precedence to the most significant things. If there is something important, try to do this first and only afterwards turn your attention to those little unimportant matters. Keeping busy with essential, important things will enable you to discover beauty in your own life because then you will be merging with the great stream of deep longings that carry beauty within them. It's from this place that you can learn.

© Geert Crevits,
We came across this text in our paper archives. It was handwritten by Geert, with the title 'Full Moon Meditation, 16th September, 1997'.
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