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April 2014


Dearest eNews reader,

Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to be courageous in life. I have a excercise for this, real easy and very rewarding. You will, however, need to be able to see a tree from your window or have a personal connection with a particular tree in a park, in the woods or in the city square.  On a sunny day go and stand in front of your window and close your eyes.
Say out loud: "I reconcile myself with my past." Stay standing there for a few moments without any thoughts. Then open your eyes and look at the tree in your garden or concentrate on your green friend with his roots in the earth and his crown in the sky.  Calmly say to yourself: "I reconcile myself with my future."  You will feel yourself coming more into the NOW and feel your heart getting stronger....and wider and warmer. The heart is where courage is born and where peace lives. From that place you will be able to cope with your life, as it is, as it has been given to you. Because life and courage are the same. E-Regards from Lydia

Meditation for the full moon of 15th April, 2014.

Master Morya,

The Divinity is expansive, revelatory and creates openness. A person can find a connection to this Divinity. He can become conscious of the Divinity in his own heart, and this happens within the silence. It is by dealing lovingly with the Divine, on the level of the heart, that you can experience this.

Then a brilliance enters your own being and you can begin to work with light. But first the foundation must be laid, and that is the contact in the heart. Only then can you work with light. Without this contact you can still always send light, but it won’t make much sense. It's just like trying to light up an extremely large room with a tiny flashlight.  Your response might be: 'Well, that's better than nothing,' but realise that when you live in your heart you can light up the whole room. That's how you can look at it. By itself, the light will then even spread through windows and doors, and you can discover what it means to work with light.

Light workers are people who are being themselves and are living their own lives. They have dared to live with love and, therefore, have a connection to the Divinity. The Divine lives, is present, in the person who can be loving. The saying, 'God is Love' may be ancient, but it's a very pervasive reality here on earth and one that will always be transforming. 

If you can find this connection, then you will have the force to bring renewal to any structure whatsoever: physical, ethereal, astral, mental and spiritual. Love brings transformation to each world, and the light's nature is to support love. The light is the consciousness for which love is yearning. Love is present wherever a person dares to see himself as he is. When a person can look at himself in a real and sober manner, love is involved, because love cares dearly for things as they are.

Love doesn't long for another world. Love wants to get to know the world as it is, because it knows God is present therein.  Love is never inclined to do anything else than what it should do. This lies, self-evidently, immediately embedded within the experience of love. Love knows precisely what it can or cannot do. Love always knows the right thing to say and the right thing to do.

A person will repeatedly have an urge to doubt this, because he is able to see other things than love. A person can also step outside of love, tumbling into his or her own world. The fall actually means that people are able to see things standing outside of love. Whenever he does this, he stands apart, alone, and finds himself in what is evil. When, on the contrary, a person lives in love, he is in the oneness and in reality. And that is the antithesis of the struggle here on earth. 

Thus, there are people who take certain radical positions because they have a limited vision and are not in a state - within their own religion, for instance - to penetrate through to love. Yet everyone can do this. A person can even be brought to love from outside of a religion, for there are always compelling reasons to be loving.

This is because the Christ has revealed universal love, and the energy of the Christ is present in every fraction of love; and it is this force that is transforming.

Now you may take five minutes to meditate on this. Master Morya

© Geert Crevits,
from Morya Wisdom book 8, as yet unpublished in English

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