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September 2013


Meditation for the full moon of 19th September, 2013.

Master Morya,

Suppose you feel restless in your life, then don’t get so caught up with this feeling that you think: ‘That’s just the way I am, I’m restless, I can’t do anything about it, it’s because of others, because of reality,  because of the Earth, it’s because of.... who knows what.’ No, don’t do it, don’t get carried away with this. It’s very important that every now and then you can experience moments of inner peace, inner stillness and, for this, it may be necessary to just let things go.  Dare to do that, dare to take that small step towards yourself, that small step within yourself.  Then you will be building your life. This doesn’t mean you’ll immediately have to be able to handle everything, but it does mean that, due to this, you can gradually attain the deep, wondrous experience of: ‘I am also this, this is also how I am.’

Whoever you are, know that you can find happiness within yourself and that you can experience a great force there, a profound happiness, a happiness that doesn’t depend on others. Because most often people will think, ‘yes, this other person has to help me, this other must make me happy’.  Don’t say this. You are strong and, within yourself, you can gain the trust that you will find the way, that you can walk the way.  And once you have reached that point where you are truly and deeply happy, a source will start flowing and, from out of that source, you can then give to others.

Don’t imagine that you should be unhappy and sad here on this Earth. This Earth bears a great significance, she is a mother and she shapes you.  But not only is the Earth a mother, the Divine Mother is also on this Earth.  Therefore, you live in a dimension with several important levels where you can, as it were, encounter that deepest joy within yourself - a joy you don’t necessarily need to name but that will set something straight in you, allowing you to understand yourself in a profound way, very responsibly, in a way that you know, ‘look, this is who I am, ultimately I am this bit of life that is present deep within me’ –  to enable you to handle all manner of things in your existence. 

Whoever you may be, don’t think you need someone to make you happy. Instead, realize that, in your turn, you can indeed do something for others, you can offer them something meaningful. 

Let things go and don’t think you need be discontented. Don’t assume life must necessarily be hard, but know: in your heart there is an attentiveness that makes it possible for you to understand things from within. And precisely because of this, you can attain a deep happiness, a deep peace that doesn’t come from this world, and this because you took the small step of  "I’m asking. I’m opening myself. I know God exists. I know love exists. I know that maybe I don’t always have to speak out the Name, even though I can, but I know that, if I open myself, I can experience things that, indeed, don’t belong to this world because they are embedded deep within me and signify life."

Live without fear. Dare to live without fear, even though you may not feel well, even though you feel cheated, even though you think, ‘I’m sick, tired, miserable.’ Know that you are good and that just about anything is possible in life. You might think, ‘yes, but I’ve become so insecure about this and that, about what I’ve experienced.’ Keep on going. You will surely be helped. Because when you’re honest with yourself, you will move forward, no matter what. You may walk through a deep valley but afterwards you’ll come out into the sunshine.  For a moment it might be difficult, but afterwards you’ll find your life. Don’t stop, keep going ahead. Each of you should realize that you are brave people. Within a short time, there are things that will gain great importance in your life. And be absolutely sure, you will be helped.  Don’t worry about anything. Master Morya

© Geert Crevits, (General message given by Master Morya for the public programme in Genk, Belgium on 30th May 2004)

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