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November 2013


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It's probably not easy for anyone to hold one's own in a world that is going off the rails, not easy to courageously keep your environment tidy - read: your home, your thoughts, your feelings - and, like the bravest of heroes from the most beautiful fairy tale, to try and take on all the responsibilities that fall on your shoulders.  As wide as my consciousness reaches, that is the amount of effort I can make to hold my ground and make my life a pleasant one. It's a question of consciousness. 

At Mayil we offer you inspiration and beauty in the form of books, cd's and answering cards.  These are precious gifts you can give to yourself or to any of the beautiful people who are close to your heart.  It also helps to keep the publishing house going, because the proceeds of the books, lectures and courses is used completely and exclusively to sponsor our projects.  Along with the Masters and with you, dearest newsletter reader, we are looking forward to a bright future. e-regards from Lydia

Meditation for the full moon of November 17, 2013.

Master Morya,

There is a constancy in this world, which means that there are certain persistent trends. You can’t see this; it is an inner reality. One of these trends is that people will strive for justice in their personal lives. This is highly significant because from this a force will unfold that will reach over boundaries, resulting in solidarity, openness and honesty. This will cause a growing form of justice to take hold, influencing the relations between countries. There is a great deal of unfairness in many matters but the antipode of this bears a very great intention. There are very great forces active on this earth bringing people together.

There may be much confusion in the dreams of some people but what is new is that you will carried along in an expansion of your own life, in the meaning of your life. A number of things on this earth in our time have a renewing effect on people who are trying to understand their problems. Much is being done for individuals, for people who want to get to know the right things and who are now being given the opportunity to do so. So, in the first years to come you will notice great tendencies towards honesty, sincerity and solidarity. A new force is being created, one that gives people courage and brings people from different countries together. 

These diverse tendencies are a sign that something is also happening with the force of the world. It is the earth, itself, that is undergoing a renewal and giving expression to this renewal. The force of the earth is being sent to people, so much so that they are learning to know themselves in a new way. There are great forces of righteousness at work and this is why a good part of this world’s karma is being resolved.  A number of people may experience this in their personal lives as difficult moments, as harsh moments that lead to innovative insights.

Life will gain a great significance. This is why I speak so much about the meaning of life and finding the meaning of life. It’s because there is an enormous force active that is bringing people together in a good sense, with the right meaning. The opposite of this is being played out in the world and this is what you can see. You can see the opposite but it is within the person that a great change will take place. This is invisible and it’s there that the person will find himself; there that, by being true to himself, he will learn how to work out certain things. There is a happiness, a joy, within very many people and this will grow greater. Master Morya

(Extract from Morya Reflections book 6 “A changing world”, chapter 2)

© Geert Crevits,
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This month we released three new publications in Dutch.

Morya Kracht 2: Sleutel tot de Nieuwe Tijd met CDMorya Energy book 2
“Key to the New Age”

"Morya Energy" is a new series that follows the first series of nine "Morya Wisdom" books. This book, 'Key to the New Age', talks about the coming shift of energetic planes, explains how the etherical world is moving closer to the material world, causing many people to have experiences they can't yet explain and understand using current world knowledge. All this will bring about exciting new research and discoveries and people will become less afraid in life.  

“In the light of the full moon” and “Full moon inspirations”

  In het licht van de volle maanVolle maan inspiraties

Two little books, each containing 12 texts for the full moon, including an audio CD with live recordings of Geert's voice as he was making these messages for the Mayil newsletter (texts from 2007 - 2012).

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