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December 2013


Dearest eNews reader,

Years ago, around this time of year, while traveling in South India, Geert and I were taking a four-hour trip through a flood-stricken area. There was a lot of damage to houses, huts and stables and in some villages all you could see was water. Dusk fell quickly into evening and our taxi driver carefully navigated the slippery roads. Despite the water-soaked lands, all the houses and paths were decorated with lights for Devali, the five-day festival of lights ('Deepavali' literally means 'row of lights'). Little pottery cups filled with oil and a cotton wick had been placed everywhere. The rows of little flames were dancing in the dark. Looking at all the water misery around us we wondered:  is it still possible for us to enjoy our wonderful trip? We asked God to help these people. We felt small and powerless. We watched in silence as we passed the many thousands of lights that accompanied us as we rode by. "Look", said Geert, "He doubled the light!"   And, yes, at first we hadn't noticed, but every lamp was visible a second time, reflected in the ubiquitous water.

Now, what made me think of this story?  I was just wondering, when we pray, what happens to the darkness? I couldn't put it into words. Things that happen in the inner world have to be approached symbolically, with a story perhaps, or a parable, or a poem. Only our hearts can understand this. That's the reason for my telling you this event from my is what it is.  e-Christmas Greetings from Lydia 

Meditation for the full moon of 17th December, 2013.

Master Morya,

Perhaps sometimes it happens that you put an enormous effort into doing your very best at something, just in order to impress others.  There is no need for you to do this; you don't even have to try . It's very important that you live your life with integrity, saying: "This is what I want, this is what I want to achieve, this is what is important to me."  You're allowed to be yourself!  Dare to believe in the essence of your own being, in the essence of things.

Because, when you are being yourself, then you are able to take on and accept things that originate from others and are also important. But don't reverse the situation; it's not the other that should be determining your life.  You can and may have your own life, and this is very important.  Dare to live your own life: "This is how I feel; this is what I know; this is what I did; this is what I have achieved."  You should even dare to be proud of your life.

When you live from out of the goodness of your heart, everything your need will come into your life.  This is because the Mother knows.  And, within yourself, you also know this, because, as you advance forward, you know it.  When you have the feeling that something is important, then you should go ahead with it.  It doesn't matter whether the whole world is against you or for you.  Your life is your life, and the force that enables you to bring important things into realization is present, right there in your own life.  Indeed, for God lives in your heart.  Whenever you bring something from your own self into expression, then you will delve deeper in life and you will also become aware of who that other person really is and what he or she means to you. Be open for each and every person, but do your own thing.

Try to remain calm in your dealings with others. Suppose that someone is angry with you, then just stay calm and hold on to what you know within yourself; hold on to the deep force of your existence.  Doing this is an art, an art of life, because with the love in your heart you can always keep going further and, even though the other person is angry, you can still love him or her. Your can argue and fight, but only on one condition:  that you never hurt the other.

Dare to live your life with definite clarity. When you feel: 'this is important', then go for it. Because it is then that you are able to access that power.  Honestly, you are not like a rudderless person adrift on the sea, even if people are against you, even if you become disappointed in those close to you, you have the oars in hand.  You can live your own life and, no matter what, interesting things will happen in your existence.

Love what you are doing and, gradually, more and more power will come into your life, more and more objectivity. Then you will know:  'It's been a struggle and I've fought, but I didn't allow myself to be pushed around' – this is important – and also, 'I have become more myself, more than ever before'.

People who are on the inner path, on that path of light, will always receive My blessing. Because it's extremely important that you can become yourself, that you can realize yourself. In this way you will gain a broader view of life. Know that you are all good people. Master Morya

© Geert Crevits, (Message originally given for those present at the public programme held on November 25, 2005, in Zoersel, Belgium)

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