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August 2013


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This month’s full moon text is truly amazing. If you understand it with your heart, its consequences to your life can be enormous.  To work with light means to pray with all your heart and to have faith that your prayer will have good effect.  It means cooperating with the other worlds and means you are working with the power of love and learning to understand its real meaning and significance.  It means you are a secret beacon of light to your family, friends, the people and society around you and a true pioneer of the coming New Age. Light regards from Marie

Meditation for the full moon of August 21, 2013.
Excerpt from Morya Energy book 2, chapter 9

Master Morya,

When you work with light you can solve difficult situations, including the toughest ones you’d normally never imagine you could even begin to take on. Never think that things are unsolvable - however, patience is fundamental. Patience is an absolute necessity and is a prerequisite when working with light, otherwise you won’t be able to achieve anything. It also means that you must have faith in the light, because there is nothing greater than light sent with love. Once you understand this, you can be very meaningful for others. But it won’t have a name and it will always be anonymous. This isn’t something you do to put yourself in the center of attention. It implies standing up for yourself and for the right things in this world. Once you understand all this from within, you will radiate with joy, for then you’ll be able to see what it means to work together with the angels.  This is a possibility, don’t rule it out. But first you need to have discovered the joy within your own being and for this you have to have traveled a path, a path of faith in the deepness of life and of knowing that you must be capable of being in solidarity with every form of life.

Humanity is at a turning point, which means that tremendous discoveries will be made, discoveries having to do with simplicity and the power.  And, as I’ve told you, these powers are here because they are working on this Earth from out of the light that has now come, the light that is new and supports the Earth through the transformation.

Stop thinking for a while.  Just be still for a moment with this thought, without thinking yourself.  Just allow this thought in your heart, so that you know: ‘there is light, there is light coming to me and there is light that can show me the way in my life.’ Master Morya

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A few months ago we totally updated and renewed Master Morya’s website in Dutch. This past month we finished the English version too! Right now we’re busy working on the Polish translation of the website and other languages will follow shortly after that. 

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